Yoga Therapy and Cranio Sacral Therapy have evolved from different roots, the prior from the east, the latter from the west, yet if one delves deeper then their differing biomechanical approaches they share striking similarities in their understanding of how to best optimize the expression of health in individuals.




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Hormesis Yoga

Barefoot Cranio and Training

This therapy is open to all cohorts of society and is a game changer for many chronic conditions.


Occasionally the post treatment shift following sessions can leave a client with the volition to share what they have benefited from by learning how to treat with this approach.


For this Barefoot Cranio runs the Cranioga seminars which comprise of two separate three day seminars.


The successful completion of both seminars act as a substitute to seminar one of the two year Body Intelligence diploma



“Encouraging stillness in movement helps change the habits bound in ones life; Finding movement in the stillness helps live the insight of change”

 Examples of Cranioga ‘access platform’ positions

(No pranayama examples)

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